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Desktop App shortcuts

  • 6 February 2019
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The Desktop app should support the basic shortcuts. In Electron it's a matter of 20 minutes :)
Super + R -> Cycling repeat modes
Super + S -> Shuffle
Super + L -> Search

4 replies

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Hi there, thanks a lot for your suggestion, we are happy to pass it on. Get more votes for it to jump up the queue 😉
I'm using deezer in browser, on Firefox, in Windows 10.

I think the keyboard shortcuts should be set to different keys.

This is marked as resolved, but I'm still experiencing it:

If you click play/pause using the mouse, then try to stop/start the music again with space bar, it activates the button twice. I think this is because it's the last control selected with the mouse, so it acts as a click, like it should anywhere else on the browser. Then it tries to activate the shortcut setup.

Similarly, shift + arrows for next/previous starts to highlight text on the page. Less annoying as it doesn't break functionality, but overall a bit strange.

The suggestion in the linked issue use to use what YouTube (and a number of other services) uses which is 'J','K', and 'L'. J, skip back, K pause, L skip forward. They're on the home row, and not tied to anything else in the browser.

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find anything immediate with searching.
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Hey there @Xfc

Thanks a lot for the detail suggestion. I've added to this thread so that we have a complete look into the app's shortcuts. I've passed it on 👍🏼
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If you press H in your keyboard on Desktop app you'll see shorcuts available. They could be more, we agree. For example Ctrl + O to open , Ctrl + S to save to a playlist, etc