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Deezer on Google Home in Belgium

  • 4 November 2018
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Deezer is still not available on Google Home in Belgium. It’s a shame need I to switch over to Spotify?

14 replies

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Hi there, we are doing our best to bring Deezer on Google Home in more and more countries, unfortunately this is not only down to us.

I have changed your topic into an idea, so other users can vote for it. Hopefully this speeds up the process 😉
Deezer said:
"we are doing our best to bring Deezer on Google Home in more and more countries, unfortunately this is not only down to us."

My question is: ¿ if this is not only down to Deezer, who else is involved to bring
Deezer to GOOGLE HOME ? Google itself ?
Still waiting for this...
Obviously there are no technical difficulties as Deezer is available on google home in many countries France, UK,...but not in Belgium!!!!

We agree to use google home in english as long we can use it with deezer?

Even if it's not up to deezer...whe can't you communicate better about what steps you've undertaken, what is the effective reason why deezer is not available and what is the next step and when.

After more than 2 years waiting, time to move on spotify, I assume?
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Hi there @jj courtens

Thank you for the feedback - we should be able to communicate better, especially about our progress.
In relation to this subject, I've checked with our team and it doesn't seem that it'll be happening in the near future - although this might change. This is because of multiple reasons, but it mostly doesn't depend on us - and I'm talking about Google.
I'm closely monitoring the expansion and which countries should benefit from this next, so if anything changes I'll be here to update the topic. In the meantime thank you for your patience and for being such a loyal user!
Thanks for your answer and feedback. So after more than two years, there is changes expected in that matter...
Seen as France the UK etc. all have support for deezer on Google Home products I was wondering if this could also come to other countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.
Thank you
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Hey @Robbe9

I've moved your comment here so that you could vote for it. Thanks for the feedback!

I can understand this can take some time, but really, more than 2 years...

I finally have google home compatible devices at home and I will probably switch to another supported service soon if this stays unavailable. It doesn't make any sense while it is available to UK / FR users but not for belgium.

If there exists any work-around, being forced to use english or french, I do not mind though...
I would rather like to stay at Deezer, but without a (rough) timeline, you push us to Spotify, I'm afraid. Now testing Spotify to see how it works on Google Home. 😞
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Sorry for not having an estimate @Sven81. We'd hate to see you go, but these things are a bit complicated when they involve a third party. If any updates are disclosed, we'll inform our users here too.
I'm going to cancel my account and go to spotify... I can't understand why things go sooo slow, and it does not matter it's google or deezer...
I'm also waiting for Deezer in my Google Home in Belgium... 😞
Please update Deezer for Google home in Belgium and the Netherlands