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Deezer on Android Wear Standalone (without Smartphone)

  • 13 February 2019
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Use Deezer via Smartwatch + Bluetooth device without Smartphone (as with Spotify)...
Please upgrade the Android Wear OS App with the function to listen to music on the smartwatch itself.
In the first step it would be great to be able to play at least online music (incl. Flow).
In the second step, offline music would also be an interesting feature, as also suggested here:

7 replies

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Hey there @m.b.

I've passed your idea on to our devs, thanks for the feedback. You've got my vote as well 😉
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Thank you very much.
Looking forward to get the update for the app😃
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Any update on this? Been waiting for this feature for some time now!
Will be nice to have playlist or a flow download on the wear os watches for the run without smartphone
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Thanks for the feedback and contribution @Erwan QUEINNEC @Sammmmm @m.b.
We haven't got any updates about this at the moment but we're always keeping an eye on this forum. Hopefully we can move on with this suggestion soon 👍🏼
Do we have any News?
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No news yet @Adeildo Junior. But as we finalise other important features, we'll move into our most popular ideas here in the community. So stay tuned!