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Deezer Family Integration with Hi-Fi Systems

  • 10 December 2017
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Hi - currently a Deezer Premium
user wanting to change to Family. Problem is I know that Sonos only allows one login from Deezer and my wife and I use Deezer on the Sonos rather a lot. I want to know practically how this would work if we both wanted to use Sonos. Can we both be logged into the master Deezer account just to play the Sonos? What do people do?
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@faybay I moved your post to this existing idea. It's not possible to listen on one sonos device with two different or the same deezer account. Please vote for this idea so that our developers can see how urgent this is 🙂
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Hi there,
I'm using Deezer now for a few years and so far, no complains.

I just started a family account before reading this topic. We have 4 users in the house and of 2 of them with Sonos. The idea was that every family member has his own account and music.
To my great surprise you can only access the Sonos app with the master profile of the Family account from Deezer.

I see a lot of promises but no hard dates.
Deezer can you tell me when it's possible to use all the family accounts. If it's not possible I will change to Spotify (rather not). And please now answer like "we are working on it" but a concrete date or say sorry we can't provide this service.

It's a little childish that Deezer is pointing to Sonos and Sonos to Deezer. I think you both provided from each other so solve it together please.
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Just talked some family members into subscribing to Deezer but I seriously doubt if they will keep their subscription once I tell them that they can't access their sub accounts thru Sonos. I find it incredibly frustrating that this feature isn't already available given Deezer's partnership with Sonos (Deezer HiFi). You dropped the ball on this one, dev team. Regardless of how many votes this feature request gets, you guys need to implement it, or you're going to lose the Sonos crowd......
Deezer, please, be sirious... You have to give permission to all the family users to use deezer via heos. This is frustrating...
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My family members (who just started using Deezer) will soon be cancelling their subscription since Deezer and Sonos can't seem to implement this feature in a timely manner. (It's been OVER A YEAR) They're going back to the inferior Pandora but at least Pandora cares enough about their users to have the ability to switch profiles. This is seriously pathetic, Deezer!
Lots of talk in this thread about implementing Deezer family profiles for Sonos devices. My kids have access to a Sonos so I need this too.

!! However, please don't forget Yamaha MusicCast !!

It never occurred to me that family profiles wouldn't be supported on these kinds of devices. I'm astonished and dismayed!
I read replies from over a year ago that the family profile switching will SOON be available. Can anyone tell us when please ? I am not going to wait another year. This is a basic feature, and if it not implemented shortly I don't the benefit of paying for a family offer. Please Deezer guys advise your timing !
Ok, no reply, no future.
Bybye Deezer, hello Spotify.

So sad.
It is really poor that Deezer is not supporting Sonos. There is not even a workaround available that my wife can hear her music in our kitchen. Seems like I also have to switch to Spotify if deezer is not willing to do anything against it...
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Hi there @Vincent Herz

Did you mean that we can't control your Sonos through the app? Because we do support Sonos but you need to login to Deezer using the Sonos app.
@Rudi I have a family account with one profil for me and one profile for my wife. It is not possible to access the profile of my wife. Not possible to play her flow, her playlists or her favorite songs. Not even with a workaround.
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Hi there @Vincent Herz

Thank you for clarifying and for your patience. Yes, unfortunately on systems like Sonos you can only listen to your Master Profile. But we're currently discussing how to improve this.
In the meantime, you could ask your wife to share her playlists with you, without having them set as private, and access it via your profile.