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better playlist management

  • 1 November 2018
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I love making playlist and categorize my favorite musics. Sometimes I add a song to a wrong playlist, I don't found a song in playlist where should be there, so I have add again, and I have to check my other playlists to delete the previous wrong adding.
This would be more comfortable and clear, If after I click to "+" button and I see my playlists, there would be a sign where the song is already added( for example a check symbol or bold font or anything)

And an other way or other options. I can see the song what i add to my favorites with a heart, but I would prefer If I can see the playlist too, for example with a little picture of the playlists. That should be optional and the users can be switched off if they want.

Thank you if you read my suggestion!

2 replies

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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it on to the right team! 😉
Another idea regarding playlist management would be to make a playlist with all the songs belonging to the favourite artists (or several, in the resulting playlist is bigger than the limit). This way one could easily shuffle between their favourite artists.
Currently, obtaining such a playlist would imply tens of minutes, if not hours, of work.