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Syncing devices in real time

  • 13 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello. I've recently moved to Deezer from a competitor (looking at you #nowidget). One feature I really miss is the sync between the desktop app and my Android phone, as in, I would play a song on the desktop app, switch to my phone and just hit play to keep listening the same song from where it was left. I was able to even control the music on the other device, select the device I want to listen to if both of them were connected to the internet etc.

3 replies

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This should be possible with the new feature of synching the queue which you can find in the audio quality settings at the bottom. Maybe Deezer hasn't rolled out the feature to all users yet.
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As bluezzbastardzz says, that feature is already out. But it must be at the moment available for beta version.
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Hi there @Cristi.Marian

These guys are right. But for the next step of this feature, please vote for the suggestion here 👍🏼