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Select multiple songs in a row per "Shift+click"

  • 24 September 2018
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it would be very great and useful if we could use the shift button to select multiple songs in a row! Like in windows explorer...


7 replies

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I organise my songs in long playlists with hundreds of songs. I often want to move songs to or from a playlist. Therefore I have to mark them one by one by clicking the small checkboxes. It would be very handy if I could mark them via shift+click. An example could be that I click the checkbox of a song in my playlist and then shift+click the checkbox of another song. Now all of the songs in between should also be checked. To unmark them I can do the same procedure again or click "mark all" twice.
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Hi there, just to confirm that we have passed this feedback on to the right team 😉
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@Rafael. are you still working on this feature or it’s activated by some other key? Cause it’s still not working with shift.

I’ve been using Deezer for a while as my primary tool to listen to music. It honestly blows my mind that this feature hasn’t been made yet.. It seems so obvious. I’ve had times where I have to manually select hundreds of specific tracks, while not selecting all of them at once. I’m saddened to see that this request was made over a year ago and has still not been completed. 

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Hello @mokachino, thank you for your feedback, I agree this would be a very handy feature to have. I’ll forward this request to the teams.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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in windows explorer you can ctrl+click to select a single file while keeping your current selection

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That could also help @raccoonsarecool, just to make things more practical. Thanks for the comment, we'll pass it on :wink: