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See how taste changes over time

  • 27 January 2018
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As the title suggests, I think it would be pretty cool if there was a map or graph that would show how our taste has changed over time. Maybe as an addition to Flow that would be some kind of visualization of the algorithm that chooses our songs.

For those of us who are avid about exploring different genres of music, this visualization would allow us to take a look at what we listen to most and decide on new areas to delve into. I suppose a "discover" playlist could be just as effective, except that I haven't found these particularly successful in other apps I've used (namely Spotify).

Let me know everybody if you think this idea is a waste of time or if actually has some merit to it! 🙂

1 reply

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Hi there, sorry for the very late reply. Good idea this one ;)

I have noted it down, make more users vote for it to get more attention 😉