Removing undesired tracks and Blocking artists directly from the "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists.

  • 8 February 2019
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Let me start off by saying that i am not enjoying the service. There are some things that are not well thought of by the developers and it's just infuriating to say the least.

I recently saw that a new feature was added where a user can block an artist by heading to their artist's page, sure that's a nice addition but really though is it a must i head to their page? It's a long process. Why can't i just click on the music's menu (where there's "add to playlist", "listen next", "add to queue", "play with lyrics" etc ) and block the artist from there? I'm sure that's something that can be done easily.

So when i have blocked (Don't recommend this artist) by clicking on the track's menu, that song should be removed from the playlist immediately because i don't want to listen and see it in the current playlist i'm in whether in the "Inspired by" or "Discover" playlist.

I know that there is a similar "feature" to what I've mentioned above, that is on a track's menu - 'report a problem/ undesirable content' but that so called feature doesn't work at all because despite reporting a track as an undesirable content i keep on getting it on future "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists and this is why i stopped all together listening to "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists.

Don't tell me to use the "flow" feature because it mostly plays songs that i have listened to and i want to discover new songs and i can't because it plays songs that i really hate. I honestly don't want to listen to local music (Kenyan music, which where i live) because that is what this streaming service keeps on recommending to me and once again i simply don't like Kenyan music. Sure i can skip them but it ruins the experience because almost half of the playlist is local music and i'm not ready to do all that. That is one of the main reasons i unsubscribed from the service. I remain in your service because of the flow feature and it's the only streaming service that is available in my region otherwise i wouldn't be here.

Solution to this: allow users to control their recommends by the location(which will fix my problem) - example recommend songs based on the countries I've selected, secondly by genre (very important) and Artists (also very important). Sure this beats the purpose of having to select the genre and artists preferred when first time signing up for the service but i strongly advice the developers to add this feature.
The system that recommends tracks in these "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists doesn't work well - simply awful.
Sorry for my rambling and i know this is long but i just had to say it.

Summary - All these talking place in the "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists

  1. Able to block artists directly from the track's menu.
  2. Able to remove a track in the "Inspired by" and "Discover" playlists which will immediately do so and in future it will never be recommended also, an option should be added where the user can remove the track only or remove the track and block the artist.
  3. Allow users to control/adjust their recommends based on the location(selected/preferred location), genre and Artists.

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Hi there, thank you for your suggestion. We have just implemented the feature of blocking an artist, I am sure the team will further elaborate on this over time. We are happy to pass on your feedback 😉