Redesign - Forgotten "add to playlist" and "edit playlist" icon

  • 10 July 2019
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I absolutely love the recent Deezer redesign that made the app more modern and beautiful!

But it's been bugging me that there's stuff that hasn't been redesigned, it's only details but it's annoying to see.

I'm talking specifically about the "add to playlist page" . It looks so dated...

Also, it's a detail but the little pencil for the "edit playlist" action looks straight from 2004 😂😂

3 replies

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Hi there @Cacambo

Definitely a good suggestion. Let's see what our team can do with that feedback. Thanks for your input, I've passed it on 😉
@Rudi are you serious ?? It's already been changed !! How effective are you guys ? :-D

Was that my feedback which made you change it?

Anyway thank you it's much better now 🙂
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We were already in that process @Cacambo and thank you again for your feedback :)
Keep an eye for our Dark Mode which will be coming soon 😉