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Rating system

  • 2 January 2018
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The 'favourites' system is too simplistic for rating music. How about a rating system? A simple 1 to 5 would be better than a heart.

3 replies

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Hi there, Thanks a lot for the idea and sorry for the delayed response. Can you explain this further? So if 1 would be "Favourite" and 5 be "Hate it", what would you want to happen to songs that you rate with 3 for example?
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I envisage it to be a system that could be based on one of two systems. Could be a simple 'how much of a favourite is it? So, 1 would indicate tracks that are simply my best of all time. 2 would be tracks I really like but would not play as often as 1s. 3 would be tracks I would like to but not often. 4 would be tracks that I usually skip of played again. 5 would be block this song.

The alternative would be to have them as a numbered set of indicators that people would use for their own self-designed system. So it would personalise rankings. A bit like having 5 specialised playlists - a bit like coloured flags in photo viewers.
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Hi there,

thanks for explaining in more detail! It is quite a complex system what you have in mind, but might be worth forwarding.

Make more people vote for it to get more attention!