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Navigation bar always visible on Android

  • 24 June 2019
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It would be useful if the navigation bar was visible at all times on android. For example it disappears when going further into the app such as playlists - playlist - -play. I think it would be better if the navigation bar was available so easy access to home/flow/my music/search. Attached 2 screenshots - first showing the missing bar.

6 replies

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HI @Rich Green thanks for your suggestion, this would be the same as our iOS app, much easier to use. Hopefully it will be available soon 😉
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Thanks @Flo.Deezer - yesterday I was searching new music/bands (kept looking through similar tastes) and then had to press the back button 10 times to get the navigation bar back (and go to home page), when obviously just to press home would have been ideal. It is what the home button is for isn't it? To go home quickly.
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We're aware of the issue @Rich Green you're right. We're working on improving that, so please make sure you keep your app updated and more feedback coming 😉
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Making Deezer better 😎
Yessss please
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#MakeSearchBarsVisibleAgain 😎