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  • 27 October 2017
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Currently flow plays a lot of my favorites and similar music, but I would love to have more options to "discover" new music I might like. Maybe flow is not the best option for this, but overall I just wished there would be more variety or influence from my side.

64 replies

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I agree. I like Flow and use it a lot but would prefer if it gave me more music that I have not heard it play before.
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Yep, flow plays same music all the time, give us some settings (genres, more new or more old etc.)
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I had the same experience.

I found though I could get more discovery feel when I radically changed my music listening habits for a bit. Eg recently I started going on a Hans Zimmer binge spree and since then it started diversifying more.
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Agree. FLOW is great but not enough new music is suggested + the "Hear This feature isn't great IMO. Usually FLOW plays 150-200 songs from my favorites.
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It really depends I must say, Flow can bring great new music sometimes and more favourites other times. I guess it's a work in progress for them and to find an algorithm that makes everyone happy will be impossible....
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I think the easiest way to do it would be to have a sliding tuner. Left side being "favorites", and right side being "explore". You could also move the slider everywhere in between to get the right mix for you.
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@Nightofday that's a great idea!
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I think the easiest way to do it would be to have a sliding tuner. Left side being "favorites", and right side being "explore". You could also move the slider everywhere in between to get the right mix for you.

Spot on! Exactly what we need!
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Great feedback, everyone! It's amazing to see that your are already discussing possible solutions/improvements! 👏🏽 Flow is obviously one of our most important features and we want every user to love it as much as we do!

Therefore rest assured that this topic will be seen by our tech team. I hope that even more users will join this conversation and vote for the idea!

Keep up the great work! You rock! 🤘🏽
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FLOW really need to be improved . I'm using it a lot and I can't even remember when I got suggestions for music I'm not familiar with . It plays ONLY my favorites and maybe 1/4 of them ...
Deezer , your shuffle algorithm is amazing but please improve FLOW . The platform is great for shuffling but unfortunately I didn't discover a lot of new artists on the service because the number of suggestions is very low. On the other hand Spotify Shuffle sucks but they do have weekly discover which works pretty good ....

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Let me join the choir: flow is repetitive and keeps offering the same music. I am lazy, so I like to just hit flow and listen to a mix of "my" stuff and new stuff. But if you only use flow it gets into a cycle where it keeps on feeding you the same songs and therefore it thinks you like to listen to those (the play count for each goes up, right?), so it will play them more and more!

The fader idea is great.

Another improvement would be for Flow to tip into every element of "My Music" (artists, albums etc) and not just (or mostly) what I listen to more often.

Come on Deezer, surprise us! 😉
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Probably like most of the Deezer users, I predominantly use the Flow to listen to music daily.
However my mood changes on from day to day, and I was thinking that it would be nice to change the parameters that go in the Flow propositions?
Say, for example, I'm in a "discovery mood" and would like to allow the Flow to propose me some stuff that can be quite "far" from the tracks I have liked.
I could also be in a mood where I allow the Flow to choose from songs from the artists I have liked songs but haven't actually liked.
I have also realised that there is a strong temporality in the Flow, i.e. it will play stuff that I liked recently. This is, of course, fine, but sometimes you could also want it to go back later in time. Again I'm assuming this is just a parameter which enters in the algorithm, so it shouldn't be very hard to let the user modify it?

Anyway, I'm assuming there are some basic quantities that can be tweaked in the Flow algorithm? Although I have no clue what it actually is, maybe there could be several default settings?
I have no clue how fine-tuned the Flow algorithm is, but I think that would be quite cool.
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I'm pretty new to music streaming, so far I'm mostly using with CarPlay and a little with Sonos. It's a combination of personal listening during my commute and communal listening with kids, grown-up gatherings and road trips.

Hearing some of the benefits of various streaming services, thought I'd share my "persona" for how I'd like to listen to music:

  • Flow, for a combination of favourite tracks and similar music for my personal listening. Really needs an exclusion system though, as it's now corrupted with Disney tracks!
  • Mixes, for when I want a type of genre for either personal or communal listening (party, car etc). Some new music welcome! With the app and CarPlay it's very difficult to find and make them favourites - essential with the limited functionality in CarPlay.
  • Moods, similar to mixes but can be a mix of genres for a given mood.
  • Discover, for completely new music based on my preferences.
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I've been using deezer for a long time and this is starting to really bug me out.

The FLOW playlist sucks!

Let me elaborate. Maybe its just me, but, I keep getting the same...50ish songs all the time. I get very very few songs from each artist i have Favorited (its mostly 1 or 2 songs for each) even though they have almost their whole discography.
And for most of my Favorited artists I NEVER get a song in the FLOW option.

And whenever I do get a new song mixed in, its from either an artist i don't like, or a whole GENRE i clearly don't like. Specially Latin music (and i'm from S. America)

Deezers algorithm should have learned by now, after disliking hundreds of latin songs, that I do not like that genre.

And also PLEAAAASE make it be more varied and take more varied songs from all your favorite artists instead of always the same God Damned small pool of songs.

Thanks a lot!
I completely agree. Even if I do like a song, I don't always want to listen to the same songs again. But worse when bands that are skipped every time reappear shortly unless I explicitly mark them as not my favourite. It should be easy to improve the model.
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On a related note:
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It happens the same to me, always the same songs. And flow is the only way to show Deezer which songs we like and which not (well, favourite songs also..)
I used to use Rdio, which had a fantastic set of suggestion algos. Deezer Flow seems to replay the same set of songs over and over again, but sometimes suggests "related" music - some of it I like, so on balance, okay, the service somewhat works.

Recently though, it got horribly bad. It rarely plays any favourites, but it plays a lot of random songs, bulk of them from categories I've explicitly excluded.

Whatever change you guys rolled out, please, test more thoroughly before deploying, a bit of dogfooding goes a long way! Would be swell if you could roll it back until sufficient improvements are made.
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Maybe try to shuffle your library on the "Your Music" page with the Play button there, then you should at least hear some songs that you haven't heard for a while. Or does it behave the same, i.e. repeat only a small fraction of your library?
Would also be cool to be able to set up in the settings that you can return to the previous song in Flow, because it happens often to me that I skip the song by mistake and then I can't return to the song so easily.
I am also having troubles with flow: it keeps playing the same 30-40 songs which is about 10% of my favorites... it really needs some work
I think you could earn by making "flow" customizable.
I have about 700 tracks or so in my "liked" list. Then "flow" will play almost exclusively from there, and only the tracks played most frequently. Even if I swipe to the next song because I've heard it too much, "flow" register it as played and bumps it even further up on the list of songs to be played more often.

So I rarely use "flow". It works better to use the "favorites" and randomize.

I would like if I could set the number of songs in "flow" from the "liked" list to a lower setting in %. Like 50% new songs, so I find new music.

It would also be good if Deezer registered when I skip a track, and downpriorited it.
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Flow should mix some favourite music and new tracks but mostly repeats what I have already heard. Even exactly the same songs from the same artist. It can play “summer of 69” every day but what is wrong with other songs from Bryan Adams??? And deleting songs doesn’t work!!!! I’m pressing X for the song and app will say that I won’t hear it again...and guess what I’m hearing next day? Flow too repetitive. Same songs every day...
Yup, totally agree.

At first Flow used to show songs of related artists, and that was nice. But it came to a point in which it got stuck and now I hear the same 40ish songs every time.

Deezer should be aware of the potential of such a great idea to discover new music. Spotify's algorithm is incredibly good and if I'm paying to use Deezer's service, I would expect it to be a good option to discover new music.
we should be able to tell you what we dont what to hear too... what about if i dont like some specific tag? like music in spanish? of in chines or any other, for example im from Argentina but i HATE all music in Spanish (no all but 99.99^%) and due to my geolocalisation i get flows that totally kill my FLOW!!! i literally get woken up by some Latino bullshit that its not even my main style i listen to 60s-90s us/eu and all of the sudden some daddy Yankee bullshit, its like you want to give me a heart attack. i have to get up from bed at 4 am and click the X button and later i just get a different sh**ty song from someone that i "should like" just because from where i live that is discriminatory and generalization... no all Latinos like Latino music same goes for all audiophiles / music enthusiast. dont make assumptions just from where we live.
that being the case ask me how muck my set up cost and if its high enough just play jazz and classical music might as well go all out in the generalization... sry i love deezer bee using it for more than 7 years but men come on when flow came out was great it is great but fix it please