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Limit/ban explicit content 😕

  • 2 November 2017
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When can I limit explicit content on Deezer?

Best answer by Rafael. 8 January 2019, 11:35

Hi Everyone, you can now hide explicit content! Please see everything about it here!
Thanks for taking part of this forum and please, keep the ideas coming! 😉 🙂
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52 replies

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Hi there and welcome to the community! ☺ There are no concrete plans at the moment. But I moved your feedback to our ideas forum. We will let our team know and will keep you posted about any updates in the future! 🙂
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Would be nice to have this as the only issue I have with Deezer.

Sometimes plays safe versions other times explicit tracks.

Whilst I want the full flavour explicit versions in my flow/playlists, I really need the option to have safe versions for when the kids are in the car.

Deezer is the only service I've tried without this, and currently the only service I am looking to subscribe to.

But this really is a major sticking point
Big issue for me. My kids love to use Deezer but I need to be able to block out the explicit content. Needs to be a must if I am to stay with Deezer.
Yes, an option in settings to filter out explicit would be good. Not sure why all the big music streaming companies seem reticent to do this? Spotify, amazon music etc?? Do you sign a deal with the record companies not to limit the music or something? Anyway please provide. It’s not allowed on most broadcast radio so why should it be ok on streaming services?
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I don't understand why music streaming services don't seem to do this. Deezer's kids profile is poor as you can't search for popular artists. The "curated" content only includes about a dozen or so artist pages. Needs much more attention and community involvement
Could you use the existing information about explicit lyrics to have a switch on Flow to only play the clean version of any song, that would really help when my kids are using Deezer and I wouldn't need to set up playlists allowing them to discover more music freely

Sorry if that's already been suggested, I did have a look but couldn't see it. Also, if there is a better way that's already working for some then let me know :-)

This is also for me the major thing missing at the moment. Would save me putting it on flow in the car and then sweating for the journey that I might need to quickly shift the tune.
Totally agree. Infuriating for the kids in the car... have to skip so many tracks. Planning to cancel - unusable for a family.
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I’m using a trial of Deezer and really enjoying the Flow functionality. Currently playing it in the office, and this morning I’ve had to reject a few songs with explicit lyrics. I have 2 young daughters at home and unless I can block explicit content, I don’t want to risk playing Flow while they’re around. While the individual tracks are blocked, I suspect there’ll be plenty more coming through.

the Flow option needs some basic customisable options, particularly regarding tracks with explicit lyrics.
If deezer does not do something about blocking explicit lyrics songs,or to have parental control I will cancel my subscription. This is wrong to have bad words in songs when you drive in the car with kids and you have stop the music .
this goes even further thank just explicit music what about if i dont like some specific tag. for example im from Argentina but i HATE all music in Spanish (no all but 99.99^%) and due to my localisation i get flows that totally kill my FLOW!!! i literally get woken up by some Latino bullshit that its not even my main stile i listen to 60s-90s us/eu and all of the sudden some daddy Yankee bullshit its like i have a heart attack have to get up from bed at 4 am and click the X button and later i just get a different sh**ty song
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Any update on this Deezer?
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Hi everyone, there were other idea topics requesting the option to ban explicit lyrics so I've moved them to this one so it's all concentrated on the same thread and it's easier to keep track of how popular a request is 👍

Don't forget to support the ideas by voting for it because that helps our devs see what they should prioritise.
I am a big fan of Deezer and I have introduced my 10 year old daughter to it and she loves it. Problem is that it is a challenge to find clean versions of songs. I cannot play my favorites unmonitored and have to manually skip songs and she is even having trouble building her own play list of her favorites from the radio. Can you please make it easier to get or only play clean versions? Thanks.
BTW - I am aware that under kids there are some clean versions, but those are limited and many more songs have a clean version and it would be good to make it easier to find those.
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@DJustice I moved your suggestion to this existing one, take a look and don't forget to vote for it 🙂
are the explicit tracks marked or flagged so I can avoid them
I've cancelled my renewal and won't be returning until this basic feature is added.
I listen to music through deezer in the car with my kids but am finding lots of songs have swearing in them and i can't find a way to stop them playing without having to do a set playlist. Is there a way to only have 'clean' songs?
This is a show stopper for me. Today is my first day trying you service, and after choosing a playlist, almost ended up playing a song about sex to my 11 year old.

You need to enable optuins to filter music TODAY!

I will cancel since I see from the long history in this blog that this is not something you choose to implement.

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@Jemma.Angove not possible yet, I'm afraid. But make sure you vote for this idea so our developers can change the settings 🙂
is there a way to only get radio edit versions of songs
many of the current songs are explicit I cannot play any song when my children are listening is there away around ?
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Hi @marianne49 unfortunately there is not, that is why I have moved your topic to this one as it is one of our suggestions that you can vote for 😉
How do I change settings to clean versions
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@Nolan.Andrae hey vote for this idea to implement a feature to filter for / out explicit content 🙂