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Landscape mode on iPhone

  • 1 February 2018
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Hello. Are you thinking about a Landscape-Modus for iOS? 'Cause you're allready made this for Android I'm hoping it would also come for iOS (soon ;-))...

8 replies

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Hi there, sorry for the very late reply.

Unfortunately, after checking with our developers it has been decided not to go ahead with implementing this for iPhone at the moment. Sorry about that.

However we do appreciate the input and are happy to hear other ideas you have 😉
oh no! it would really be a great feature! it would be great to have only a very very small version, just for the basic functions to use a car. some cars in fact have a telephone port that is only in landscape mode
Most car radios support bluetooth nowadays and most smartphone holders are used sideways eg for navigation. Playing music streaming with Deezer it would be awesome to use the app in horizontal position.
I don’t really understand why this feature is not available. Is there a good reason for this?
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Hi there @Aapies

Thank you for your input and support. I've checked this and I can confirm it isn't on the plans. But I believe it's worth reopening the discussion, so that our Product Managers know what users want for different platforms 😉
Hello Rudi,
Thanks for your feedback. I do want to point out that some users already asked for this more than a year ago. I hope it won’t take a year to decide to wether go ahead with this feature or decline it.
A lot of users are using Deezer sideways in the car (including me) and it is dangerous.
Also I would like to know what a reason could be to not do it? Out of curiousity 🙂
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Hey @Aapies

Thank you for your reply. It isn't about a decision not to do it, it's more that we don't have the resources to do it right now - due to the other features we're working on releasing in the near future. But like I've said, the discussion is reopened and our devs will find out more about it 🙂
Thank you Rudi
I would be very Happy if landscape mode would work. I often use Deezer in my car together with Waze in landscape mode. If I want to change my playlist, it’s not very handy that the Deezer app isn’t in landscape mode. Almost every app turns in landscape mode nowadays, come on Deezer, please fix this!