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info about your playlists in which a song is already added

  • 14 August 2019
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I don't know if it's already been proposed by some other user, if so I apologize for the repetition.

What I would like to suggest it's an improvement (mobile and desktop apps), in the sense that on the page of the song you are listening to, also could appear the names of your (multiple) playlists in which that song is already added (all of them), with direct link to each of those playlists.

For example in the mobile application, and it is only an idea, by moving up the cover of the song that is playing (or touching it), you could see a text that said something like:

"Also in your playlist:
* playlist name 1 (and text linked to that playlist)
* playlist name 2 (and text linked to that playlist)
* playlist name 3 (and text linked to that playlist) ... "

Many thanks

1 reply

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Hi there @alyserand

Thank you for your suggestion, it's a nice idea. I've passed it on and left my vote 😉