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Enhance playlist searching needed

  • 30 January 2018
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First of all, I love people who make playlist here.
I add a playlist and continue listen+skip the whole playlist. To find a well matched playlist, I search the song I liked first. I have a certain taste choosing song and dubstep and alternative are favorite. And I want listen similar songs of my favorite songs. Same mood, same speed. I'm a pretty general type of user. Right?

When I searching, I want to see playlists that contain the song I searched, not the playlist have same name of it(this is the result I get in current) Can you make it? I believe it would offer me plenty playlists just fit for me.

1 reply

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Hi there, forgive me for the late reply. I am slowly working my way through this forum.

Your idea has been notes, please make more users vote for it to get more attention 😉