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Dislike/Blocking Genres

  • 21 November 2017
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I want to remove R and B from the music type I like. I mistakenly chose it. Coming from Tidal this is the last thing I want from Deezer.

9 replies

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Hi @RHP, you can't change the favourites genres after you selected them when signing up, but I'll move your topic to our ideas forum so that our devs can look at it. Also that way it will be more visible to other users and they'll have the opportunity to vote for your idea. 😉
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When I logged on last night, R & B was not in my list of genres to browse (good). It seemed to have been replaced with Blues which is more of what of was looking for. I'm a vain in thinking my post got someone's attention at Deezer and R&B was removed? Regardless, happy camper now. I was exploring all the great playlists put together by others last night. Refreshing coming form Tidal. Music quality seems the same compared to their HiFi.
Like probably anyone else, I just hate and can't stand certain kind of music. Here counts music that is popular in my country, which we call "turbo- folk" and is always present on mu home page and started showing up in suggestion. Here also counts what Deezer call EDM, or Euro Pop or whatever.

Shortly, I don't want to hear, listen or even see some kind of music and it'd be great if Deezer allowed me to permanently mute those. The same way you did with The Flow.
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Hi there @Superneutrino

Move your comment here, please vote for the idea - it's related.
You should also have a look here. You can now block artists if you do it from our desktop app!
You can now block artists if you do it from our desktop app!
I would like to block the whole genres. E.g., I hate rap music and don't want to listen to it ever.
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Yep @arabesc

Got your feedback and will pass it on, thank you 😉
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I don't like flamenco music, so you have my vote. This topic could be linked with the one about dislike option for songs, artists, albums.
Some genres are really not your think. The flow keeps popping them up. Even if you skip them all the time. When skipping multiple songs in one category/genre like Dutch songs or HipHop - ask the user if he would like to ban all these till further notice.
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Hi there @marcodeboer

Thank you for your input and feedback. I've moved your comment here so that you can add votes to an existing and similar idea 😉