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Desktop App shortcuts

  • 6 February 2019
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The Desktop app should support the basic shortcuts. In Electron it's a matter of 20 minutes :)
Super + R -> Cycling repeat modes
Super + S -> Shuffle
Super + L -> Search

6 replies

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Hi there, thanks a lot for your suggestion, we are happy to pass it on. Get more votes for it to jump up the queue 😉
I'm using deezer in browser, on Firefox, in Windows 10.

I think the keyboard shortcuts should be set to different keys.

This is marked as resolved, but I'm still experiencing it:

If you click play/pause using the mouse, then try to stop/start the music again with space bar, it activates the button twice. I think this is because it's the last control selected with the mouse, so it acts as a click, like it should anywhere else on the browser. Then it tries to activate the shortcut setup.

Similarly, shift + arrows for next/previous starts to highlight text on the page. Less annoying as it doesn't break functionality, but overall a bit strange.

The suggestion in the linked issue use to use what YouTube (and a number of other services) uses which is 'J','K', and 'L'. J, skip back, K pause, L skip forward. They're on the home row, and not tied to anything else in the browser.

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find anything immediate with searching.
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Hey there @Xfc

Thanks a lot for the detail suggestion. I've added to this thread so that we have a complete look into the app's shortcuts. I've passed it on 👍🏼
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If you press H in your keyboard on Desktop app you'll see shorcuts available. They could be more, we agree. For example Ctrl + O to open , Ctrl + S to save to a playlist, etc
Hey, there is a problem with shortcuts
it only works if you click in inner area of the app and not if you switch from another app with tab.
this is sad (((
can you please fix it?
crazy thnx
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Thanks for the feedback @Alexei.Kositsin I'll pass it on to our desktop app team 👍🏼