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Deezer interface with BMW and other dedicated systems lacks functionality (MIXES!)

  • 4 February 2018
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I've been a Spotify user for a long time but because Deezer has native supported in BMW cars I made the switch to Deezer.
Took me a while to learn to appreciate Deezer but since I found the mixes I'm starting to really love it!
Now the sad part is, these mixes are not available in the BMW cars via the "entertainment online" function. I'm not 100% sure if this is an error in the design of BMW or Deezer, but as I seem to have read this is also the case for Sonos and other dedicated systems I guess this is a general Deezer issue.

Would it be possible to alter the menu structure on BMW's entertainment online (with deezer) so Mixes become available too? If not, why not allow mixes to be viewed between playlists whenever a user follows it? This would be the easy way to solve this imo.

Really hope this gets solved as this is a killer feature for Deezer, without it I might as well go back to Spotify and listen via bluetooth.

1 reply

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Hi there, sorry for the very late reply.

We checked with our product managers and the request should indeed go to BMW as the app has not been developed by us I am afraid.

Keep ideas coming, the next one might be something we can implement 😉