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Better crossfading - increase time

  • 5 November 2017
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To me Crossfading is a music listening exciting experience. In some cases songs do not begin at zero seconds or not finish at 100% of tracking time, so the max 10 seconds of crossfading it's not enough. I think is better to have more time, say 15 seconds, so users can have more flexibility with crossfading time. In this moment It´s easy to have less but more is impossible. I think this change can add value at minimum cost.

3 replies

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Yo no tengo el crossfading , no lo encuentro
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Dani, solo está disponible en pc, en html4. Es necesario deshabilitar el html5 para que funcione
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See for instance foobar2000: Adjustable cross-fade plus skip-silence with adjustable silence level🤓