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Be able to remove/move songs from a playlist w/o accessing playlist

  • 8 January 2018
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Sometime you figured out that song is in wrong playlist or you do not want it anymore.
To remove or move it you need to open playslist, find song a apply remove/move actions from there. It should be too much easier just to inform in which playlists current song is and be apply from there.
That will help Deezer users to keep playlists better organized.

4 replies

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I have at times added the track to wrong playlist. Not that much of an issue if I remember exactly the one I accidentally added it to, but for the times I don't remember I wish there was a way to view which of my own playlist(s) it's already in.

My suggestion:

We already have the "Add to playlist" button with the "+" symbol for the song that is currently playing. How about adding an "Remove from playlist(s)" button with a "-" symbol? Then it shows all (your own) playlists that the track is in and lets you select one or multiple playlists you want to remove it from.
To make it more consistent you could also add it to the "..." menu, so you can access it from there as well. Would come in handy when selecting a track in the album/playlist track view and check which playlists I've already added it to.
yesterday i tryed to clean my Playlist while listening to them. I noticed that deleting Songs is only possible if you go back to the Playlist, Click on the pencile and than scroll to all the Songs searching for the One you Want to delete . I think that is was to complecated because i don’t Want to spend hourers on Findling Songs. I think it World be a Great improvement if i can delete a Song from a Playlist White listening by Click on the ... three dots next to the Heart .
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Hi @zerospace @Juansegol thanks so much for this feedback and forgive me for my late reply, This is actually a good idea and would make things easier, make more people vote for it ;)

We are currently going through all of this forum and are noting down your ideas, hopefully this one will make it into our app 😉
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Hi @Cara , sorry for the super late reply.

I have moved your idea to this one as it is duplicate. Please vote for this one!

Thanks so much for your input! Keep the ideas coming!