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Automated recommendations on mobile

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The Desktop application has an automated recommendations feature which I think is very much like a song radio feature that the competition uses. And with the fancy algorithm that Deezer uses, this could be a very powerful tool to discover new music. I have discovered and loved new music with this cool feature alongside the FLOW that we have.

Deezer is awesome, I wish i had known about it earlier. But one thing bugs me about it: The mobile version does not have this automated recommendations feature (if it does, I'm not sure how to activate it). This could be very cool if you dedicate, say, a playlist to indie rock, and then have the automated recommendations add extra music to that playlist similar to the music already in playlist once it has finished; a customised FLOW of some sort.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks for the idea, let's hope it gets implemented 🙂
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This would be, among the whole refresh that is having the app lately, another absolutely must!
I'd love to have automated recommendetions on mobile phone too....

As well as the good old well "recommended albums" that used to be under the bell icon in the app...

finger crossed!

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Hey there Marco @MarcoG

Thank you for the input and feedback! 🤞🏼

I am totally for this idea as well, deezer must make this happen. Having automated suggestions on mobile app would be so cool. Actually I found this thread trying to see if there is such a feature and I just don't know how to activate it perhaps:sweat_smile:

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Yeah I just realised this is missing on iOS. It’s a great feature that would be great to add to all clients, especially given the lack of ability to create a “mix” based on a song as well. This has been a standard feature of other services for a long time now.

If you want to go one step further, MOG used to have a slider that let you choose how many of the predicted songs were from the same artist or other artists. It was great. Unfortunately with acquisition by Beats then Apple the feature was removed (I hope they don’t own a patent on it, preventing its use by others)