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Artist Icons

  • 30 November 2017
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It would be great if we could edit our own favourite artists to add and change artist artwork.

I'm sure it's been mentioned many times that there seems to be a lot of missing artwork for artists and this would be one way for customers to fill the gaps.

Otherwise could artists with missing art at least default to an album cover?

Great work on Dezzer HiFi by the way. I love being able to stream FLACs through my Yamaha MusicCast system.

3 replies

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Hi @neverwhere Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late reaction! We understand that it can be frustrating if the artwork is not yet there, but please note that everything depends on what we get from the labels and because of copyrights we are not able to add images ourselves or let users add them for us.

But we are always working on updating images as soon as we receive them from the labels 🙂
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so the labels provide you with the images. How come same artists images are all there on Spotify but not on deezer!!! Wired.
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Hey @Mr. Jahrami

It has to do with the distributors having access to our platform and adding the right images. If you do have an example of this, please contact our support team so that they can request a change 😉