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2 Premium Profiles plan

  • 13 May 2019
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I think we should be able to have an two profile as a premuim user because i use my music while in work but when i am at home i want to listen to different type of music but i don't to mess up the my flow that i use in work. i would be nice to have 2 profiles as a premium user for the same price as a premiuim user but have 2 profiles instead of 1 i don't want have to buy deezer family plan just for one extra profile.

6 replies

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Hey @spud.culverwell

Thanks for suggestion, I've passed it on. Hopefully other users support it! 😉
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Having 2 different types of playlists could be another option.
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@spud.culverwell and @walker

Very good suggestion as a workaround 😉
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It is an option but i do like the idea of flow because quite often it plays a song either that we haven't heard in ages, or it plays a song that we haven't heard before and we like the song. Plus I love the idea of not knowing what song is coming up next, whereas a playlist can get boring as you know what song is coming on next, even on shuffle.
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I'm on a 3 month 99p trial for Deezer and and I am considering creating a family account when this has ended, however I do not need 6 profiles as it would be just me and my wife. Are there any plans for a 'duo' subscription just for 2 profiles? Obviously a bit cheaper than the family subscription (£14.99) to say £11.99/£12.99? If so I think I would not hesitate whilst at the moment I am unsure whether I would upgrade.
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Hi there @Rich Green

Thank you for your support. I've moved your comment here so that you can vote for an existing idea 😉