Why you choose Deezer ?

  • 5 March 2019
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Tell me why you choose Deezer over other options ? 😀

7 replies

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Be happy to read some comments here 🙂
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Great catalogue and listening features, alternative approach to most things and a desire not to follow the norm! That always worked for me 😉


It is legally available in my country (Venezuela), so buying the subscription is really easy with PayPal.

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I was 6 years Spotify Premium customer. In 2016 I think, I bought my first Chrome laptop, and they do not have apps to install. By the way five years soon with no Windows laptop, hey! So the Spotify does not provide 320K on Web. Why pay Premium and not getting it? I left for Google Music.

They provided web 320K MP3.

The fun lasted for 4 years and I needed to go. Google closed their service.

YouTube music was not the offer for me. The music content was laughable. I couldn’t find most of my music I had on Google Music paying the same subscription fee? The codec was 256K. I’ll go.

So I found Deezer, which I knew already from pastime, but I did register on first day for Premium.

Why, you may ask?

There was great great playlist by Deezer Editor, Antoine EDM & Hard Dance Editor, and I felt in love. Never in my life I’ve seen hard dance playlist on main screen. Not on Spotify. Not on Google Music. Not on YouTube Music obviously. Curated by the service. I listen hard dance 24/7 unless I sleep.

After a week I had my first problem.

I wanted to go annual to save money, but it vanished my trial month.

Not only they gave me one week and one month free, great Rudi gave me another extra month, for the inconvenience caused. The reason I do Deezer is price. Everything is so expensive nowadays, but Deezer. It is right now annually €7,49 mo. I use Toshl Finance app version Pro and everything is in budget now. I honestly do not believe it is worth to overspend on music. It’s just music.

Do not pay more.

Spotify is 10,90 mo in my country Premium. The app is joke.

Main reason I stay Deezer is not only Antoine editor, but these affordable prices.

On poor income it is important to save whenever you can, so you can grow your net worth.

Better net worth or paying more for these giants like Spotify? That’s a question.

Drawn at first by the great sound on HiFi. It was only later I tried Premium and found that even at a comparable file size Deezer sounds better to me than Spotty Fly or :green_apple:  

The catalogue is good, and you can import and stream your own MP3’s without having to download them to phone.

Last but not least, the user community is the best thing of its type.

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Thanks for sharing your great feedback, it's motivating to do even better!