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  • 30 October 2017
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There’s no better way to discover music than through other people, As the saying goes, the more we share the more we have. Whether you’ve first discovered music through your older brother’s rap tapes, your mother’s favorite radio station or your father’s vinyls, the fact remains that music has so much more meaning when it is shared. This is why we’ve created the Deezer Community, so you can share your thoughts on music and find music lovers like you.

Sharing love for music

Every so often you stumble across a track so good that you just can’t keep it to yourself. Only problem is, no one in your entourage appreciates K-pop music (they don’t know what they’re missing). Instead of sulking in a corner, head to the Deezer Community and find a buddy who’ll be more than happy to add your discovery to their Favorites.

News & Updates

Get all the latest news about your favorite artists and exciting new features on Deezer.

Find Like-minded people

Are you a techie who wants to exchange tips and tricks about features in the app? Meet them via the Deezer Community.

Find the answer to absolutely everything

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the app? Need help configuring your account? We’re here to help and provide the answers you need.

Support other users with your knowledge

If you’re that someone who knows everything about Deezer, you’re the golden snitch of our forum. People will come to you for support, like a wise man of the mountain.

Become a leader!

Every good community has that one person that everyone knows and loves! The more involved you are in conversations, support and ideas, the sooner you’ll become one of the most influential members. Get the fame you deserve!

Constructive criticism

No one likes a troll who spoils the mood, however constructive criticism is always welcome. We constantly strive to make Deezer as efficient as possible, but we are imperfect (who isn’t?), which leaves room for constant improvement and new challenges, and we love a challenge. Our eyes and ears are always open for new suggestions, requests and ideas!

6 replies

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Deezer Community!

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Finally!!! Thanks for creating this.

Let's have this community take off.

I would still like to suggest a better integration of this deezercommunity with the app itself. (We could actually start a topic on this).

There are a lot of good experiences to take from the large music torrenting community. I will propose some ideas in the "ideas" section.
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@frefre Welcome to the community!

Thanks for your feedback! you have great ideas, you can create a comment in our ideas forum!
I am sure other users will vote for the integration of the community with the app 🙂
Ik was aan het chatten met Ingrid
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Hi @Fredien Rombaut, was she able to help you with your request/ question or is there anything you still need to know?