We are 50,000 members

We are 50,000 members
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We did it! We now have 50000 community members! How amazing is that?

Do you know how long it takes to count to 50000? Apparently 3 1/2 hours, who can confirm? 😉

Speaking of counting:
In the words of George Jones: 50,000 Names Carved In The Wall, we'd love to give every single one of you lovely people a shoutout, but since our space is limited, we want to thank our most active and helpful users 🙌🏼

@Noam Asulin
@Rob Igo

What can we say, they are already part of the inventory on the community 😉 With 56 created topics, 1138 comments and 320 best answers, they are our most active and loyal members. They've been with us since the start and we hope they'll stay with us for a long time. 💙

Some other honorable mentions here:

The Musiclover @oldrecord : If anyone got the memo (Bringing Music Lovers Together), it's him. 😉 He loves to share his music, favourite artists and recommendations with everyone.

The Rocketstarter @NickParkerMusic can be found on a lot of topics. He's only been with us a month and has already solved 21 topics!

My fellow Germans @bluezzbastardzz  aka The Last.fm guy and @DenalB who not only have great ideas, but are also always helpful on many different topics.

The Supporter @mhomer182 : If he doesn't know the answer himself, he definitely knows where to find it on the community and has already helped a lot of members.

The man of (not so) many words @Max_x57 : He can be found all over the community. If you like your answers short and sweet, he's your man!

The Multitasker @Vladimir Chabrov : Our lovely member from Russia has been with us for a long time now and is as active in helping people and providing feedback, as he is in the Music forum. We hope to see a lot more from you!

We are so happy that we've grown so much in only 6 months! Keep up the great work! 💪🏼

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Whoop Whoop!!!!!! to all fellow #DeezerHeads 🙂
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Wow !! that's a lot !
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Congratulations to all of you! We are really proud that you are part of our community! ❤