[UPDATE] Apple Watch v2.0

[UPDATE] Apple Watch v2.0
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Hello everyone!

Today we are launching our new version 2.0 app for the Apple Watch with some added features that provides direct access to recently played tracks, favourites and Deezer's Flow.

This new updated version of Deezer’s Apple Watch app will give you faster access to your music, with a new personalized layout and design directly available on the homepage.

The app is now available worldwide and the new features include:

  • Recently Played: immediate access from “My Music” to all tracks recently listened to on any Deezer signed in device
  • Favorite Tracks: listen to saved songs found within the ‘heart’ icon directly from the home page
  • Deezer Flow: the never-ending personal soundtrack that uses smart data and algorithm to play a unique mix of personal favourites and new discoveries

Force Touch will also allow users to play songs on repeat and listen to playlists in shuffle mode. For more informations regarding the Apple Watch app, and how to get started, please read our Support article.

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