[TIP] Wake up with your favorite playlist on Deezer

  • 13 November 2017
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I know a lot of you want to be able to wake up with a playlist you choose , and so am I , That's why I searched for a solution , at least until Deezer will integrate it as part of the official app (I hope they do because this is extremely important feature ). Anyways , I have found a third party app which let you choose a playlist (Your own or others if those are not private) . I have tried a few others that claim to do it but those I have tried weren't stable enough . The app I have found called "Musical Alarm" and can be downloaded for free from the below link :


This app is very basic and doesn't have a lot of a must have features but this app is the only one that works for me . If you find any other app please let us all know

Sleep well ! 🕞

Rudi 5 months ago

Also vote for it here @david logan :relaxed:


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2 replies

Literally looking for the same thing good idea!!

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Also vote for it here @david logan :relaxed: