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  • 2 December 2018
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By the power of Deezer, I announce our Superuser program!

It's has been a year since we launched our English and French communities and, during this time, we have met some wonderful people! After launching the Portuguese and German Communities a few weeks ago, we realized that its time to let our power combine!

Our Superusers, called Deezer Legends, are the most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable users. They are reliable and know a lot about music and the Deezer app. The superuser program consists in empowering these most active users, giving them the ability to access more functionalities on the platform.

We have already contacted our current Superusers via private message to explain a bit more about this program, but If your spidey senses are tingling and you feel that you can be one of them, please, get in touch with us!

With great power, comes great responsibility? Up to you! We invite you to make the full use of our community features, but we are still happy if you decide to just keep being this amazing user!

Note that badges are the new capes, and you don't need tight budgie smugglers swim briefs to be a Superuser, all you will need is this beautiful badge below:

7 replies

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OK, I'm in. 😉
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My cape is on and I'm raring to go! 🙂
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What functionalities exactly are we talking about?
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Hi @Buckie, we are still figuring out the settings of our platform I'm afraid.

We are hoping to be able to give superusers more opportunities in the near future, but as we are not yet sure what the platform will allow us to give or not, we prefer not to promise anything specific at this point 😉
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Bragging rights are already enabled, I think. 😉
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Glad to be part of that great group of people . 🙂
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Hey Deezer Team,

I would love to become one of the honourable superusers. I've been using Deezer for almost 4 years now and have written multiple Feedbacks on how to enhance the experience.
One of the most frequent things I report about is when it comes to false categorization, for example when two artists have the same name and a song is on the wrong page.
After all I would love to serve a little for the Deezer Team and the community.