Now available: Deezer on Fitbit

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Let's follow Beyoncé's advice and let's go Runnin', Runnin', Runnin'! Deezer is now available on Fitbit IONIC & VERSA smartwatches!

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions you should read before you get started. You can read about how to get started with Deezer on your Fitbit further on. See instructions on how to use the Deezer app on Fitbit here.

Who can use Deezer on Fitbit?
Only paying subscribers (Premium+, Family, HiFi, Student) are able to use Deezer on Fitbit. If you’re still on Free, you can sign up here.
Note: If you have a Family subscription, only the master profile can use Deezer on Fitbit

What are the system requirements?
The compatibility requirements for Deezer on Fitbit are:
● Android: Android device running Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above
● iOS: iPhone 5 or above running iOS 10 or above
● Windows: Windows 10 device running 1607 or above
On your Fitbit, you will also need to be running the latest version of the Deezer Fitbit app.

What contents are available to download on Fitbit?
It is not possible to download MP3s from your personal music library to Deezer on Fitbit, but our team has squeezed a lot of Deezer’s best features on to it.
  • Flow ? (Sync one hour every day)
  • Favorite playlists
  • Playlists from the workout Channel (
  • Favorite tracks (max 40 tracks)
At the moment, Deezer on Fitbit can store a maximum of 300 songs.

What do you think about Deezer on Fitbit? We'd love to see your feedback here

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will you be changing it :-

a) where other family (not just the master) profiles can use it?
b) you say "Favourite playlists" is this any of your playlists you've created others you've "hearted"
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This is really cool! I have to say, I'd buy it in a minute if you could also make it so that we could select playlists and songs from the watch to play on the phone (to be clear, I mean using the watch as a remote, but as more than just play/pause/forward/back). My playlists are all way too big to store on the watch.

Love to see that you guys are always expanding to new platforms. Keep it up!
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Interesting, as Spotify has just eliminated their Running feature:
I have recently switched to Deezer as it is now supported on Fitbit. I was impressed with the UI, a really nice app.

I listen to music in two places: when I run and when I drive.

The support on Android Auto is terrible. I can't search for songs or artists by voice. I can do this on both Spotify and Google Play Music. It's great to just be able to ask for an artist or song while driving. Also very handy with children in the car to quickly call out the latest song they like and have it play. Without this feature Deezer is useless for me.

Will the voice search be implemented? AA understands the commands. When I say "play Michael Jackson on Deezer" AA replies "OK playing Micheal Jackson" Deezer opens but then presents an error message.

Beyond disappointed

So you now support Deezer on Xbox and Fitbit and still no support for Google Home in the UK? Why? This is especially frustrating as you allow your users based in France and Germany to link Deezer to Google Home!!
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@jubbo We don't support the voice control on Android just yet. And to be honest I don't have any details about it yet. But I'm happy to let the team know that this is something you really want!
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@feersum_endjinn I know that this is frustrating, but it's not in our hands. We're working with Google to be able to support it in other countries too and I hope that I'll be able to share an ETA very soon! 🙏🏼
@jubbo We don't support the voice control on Android just yet. And to be honest I don't have any details about it yet. But I'm happy to let the team know that this is something you really want!
Thanks for the reply. Hopefully you can see it is frustrating. Android Auto can only really be used with voice commands so you need to implement this ASAP. Your competitors have this functionality and cost the same as Deezer. I have had to cancel as I mainly listen to music in my car. More and more cars have AA and Apple Carplay so it will become more necessary
I cannot get the songs to be downloaded on my watch. I do see the playlists, but even after waiting for a few hours with the watch loading, I cannot see any progress and nothing gets downloaded.
Thanks for your answer.
I am using a samsung S8 and a windows 10 laptop.
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@GiPi that's strange. Have you removed Deezer and added it again? Maybe a reset will help
Hi Anja, Thanks for your message. I know it sounds strange, but I find many other users who have the same issue on the fitbit community..
I have reset completely my fitbit ionic and have also removed and reinstalled deezer, but it is not better.
I will retry over the weekend, but I got a bit irritated over past week end with that.
Thanks - It is now working..
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Great, glad it's working 🙂
I have signed up a Deezer account but my Fitbit Versa will not connect. I had No problems with either my laptop or iPhone. For some reason, I can't get the Fitbit to recognize it. Any ideas?
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Hi @tonyrsmith, are you following the procedures above? 😉
I opened an account using code on fitbit versa 3 month free trial to start and included payment details from August. When I try to download music is says account is not activated on my tablet and on my watch it keeps displaying codes to set up a account but I have already done this. Can you help resolve this issue please.

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Hi @Anitagangar please check above and try to follow the set up steps again.

If you are still having problems let us know 😉
on my fitbit versa it says visit, I have a confirmation that i have an acct but it will not open on my fitbit
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@sallyjo check the links in @Rafael.s post for help on how to connect your FitBit 🙌🏼
I have already setup mu Deezer account. Got my free trail. However nothing is syncing together. It still shows not activated on my Fitbit dashboard and I am still getting activation codes on my watch. I have followed all of the steps here and on YouTube. Still nothing. I am beyond frustrated as this is one of my main reasons for purchasing the watch. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank You.
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Hi @Ktredd01 sorry about that.

Can you please check the steps above? We do not send out any codes, please contact Fitbit in case 😉
I do not see the deezer app on my fitbit account. How do i access it?
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HI @Smd227 please check the post above 😉
Hi - how does this work? I have registered but I cannot seem to link via app or mobile site! Do I need Premium? Thanks in advance.
Plz reply ASAP if possible this has to be done immediately and it will help others