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New "Queue" window is cool and finally a big track progress bar!It looks good to me as well, but it seems to stop after 40 tracks and then does not refresh automatically for longer playlists, so you do not see what happens/happened after that. A history tab for the play queue would also be handy, like Spotify has in its desktop app.

And a small bug seems to be the missing Shuffle button in the play bar when not playing any song. It only appears when you actually start the music, but most of the time I prefer listening in shuffle mode.

So I can test the beta desktop app now and compare it with the new web player. I just noticed that the play queue in the desktop app shows all songs on a long playlist when you scroll down, unlike the web player which only shows the first 40 songs for me.

The shuffle button is visible after startup as well, unlike the web player.

Furthermore it does scrobble, although there is no option for connecting to in the Sharing tab, so it indeed works via API when you have enabled scrobbling in the web player. Of course it shows the same behaviour then like neither using "Scrobbling now" for the Recent Tracks list on your profile nor scrobbling after 50% of the track length, but only after the start of the next track, so you never see the currently scrobbling track on your profile.
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Hi @Gore this is not possible I am afraid. We are happy however for every feedback and will pass it on 😉
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I'd Love for it to go back to the previous version. It seems like someone hit "randomize" for the page layout and just made it the default now. Its a huge step backwards in my eyes. They have less info on screen now but it way more cluttered for my feeling.Also that "browse" is put in screen twice seems like a noob mistake. I get you want to update but just go back to the old version and hire some other company to make the website better.
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WTF happened with Deezer ?
Where is the 'hear this'-functionality.
I have a multiple profile account and use it because you do not allow to make folders to list your music by genre and now it is all messed up suggesting all kind of stupid genres i do not like.

I want my old deezer back...

Or my money
I'm a desktop user
- where could I find the list of music suggestion? (suggestion based on previous listening)
It was one of the most usefull things I used and now I can't find it in new UI.

- how can I change the huge tiles that present my playlists to simple text list?
The former list in left menu was clear and transparent, current solution using tiles is horrible. The scrolling down in chaotic tiles to find desired playlist is just wasting of time.

- is it possible to switch to old UI?
Now I found out,the new design progress bar of a track isnt adjustable with Opera Browser.

The old one was.

This is a decline of programming work.
Pls solve this,if anyone still listens here!!😱
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Lots of complaints about the new Deezer design, with the admins saying they would tell the devs, but not a single change in over 2 months. Now we can't even switch back to the old design. Why is that? Obviously Deezer is not very responsive to verbal feedback. I wonder how responsive they would be if people cancelled their subscriptions?
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Yeah, an estimation of when we might get the previous design (or at least the option to switch) back would be nice, thank you.
The main thing I dont like about the new interface is the list of My Albums - it used to be a pop out side bar and it would keep the position in the list that you've scrolled to. Now you have to browse to it as a separate page and if you scroll right to the bottom of your album list, click on an album then go back, it goes back to the top of the list which is really frustraing! Dont think Ive explained that well. Also the big "now playing" square at the bottom left has been replaced by a miniscule icon at the bottom right that you can barely see. If the old version becomes available again, Ill definitely be swapping back.
Just want to add that the lack of the cover art is a major negative for me using Deezer.

Coming from Google Music (which showed the cover art) this is tough pill to swallow. I am more of a "visual person." I usually scroll through my playlists looking for an album cover not reading the text.

Unfortunately, I do not see the way to disable the new look in the Deezer Labs page, so I assume this is no longer available.

I do see that if I click :"Queue" in the player it brings up my playlist and shows the cover art next to the tracks, which is how I am used to it. This works.
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I really do not like the new design. The most frustrating part is that I am not allowed to go back to the old design. Please allow me to use the old design as I much prefer that layout. The new design is very frustrating to me, I HATE IT.
Hi, in this new version I can't preview a song pressing the play button without release. In the old version there was this feature. Can you reintegrate this?
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Дайте возможность переключаться между старым и новым дизайном.
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Дайте возможность переключаться между старым и новым дизайном.

"Give the opportunity to switch between the old and the new design," according to Google Translate. I agree!
Hello, Deezer Team!

I have a lot of questions to your UX lead. How can you release that?! I try to find some useful changes but I can't! There is list of UX error, that I see today:

  1. So loooooong player bar at the bottom. Really, it's look like gas pedal stay on it's normal place and brake one moved to passenger side. You broke visual context of this panel. And yes,now we can read full name of track. But you broke usability of main function.
  2. You separate controls from old panel and placed it on different sides of screen. Do you know that almost people use widescreen monitor? I must do "Zorro sign" if I want to make my standard steps.
  3. Placed Share button only in song context menu... Perfect. Now, If I want to share something from my flow, I will lose current state of my page.
  4. Duplicate link to Applications: in left menu aaaand in right area too! A clicked on My Music item, why it looks like HomeScreen with all possible links on it?
  5. Smallest album icon. It's hard quest to understand cover of what album placed there. I fixed my eyes not long ago. Please, don't break it!
Please, be more careful with UX, don't make troubles to your users.
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@sheitara , well said with a nice touch of humor!
No switch back --> bye, Deezer. Forget about the fish.
Months of users saying "I like the old design better" and Deezer saying "we will pass it on to the dev team, feedback is welcome".

All I have now as a mental image in my head is some French dev team whiping their behinds with papers full of feedback laughing maniacally. Oh and a lay-out I don't like.
I'm a new user and haven't seen the old layout and I do like the simplicity of the player. I hope you could keep the player simple in future updates as well. I hope you to be unique on what you do and design. Main reason for me to change, was that you provide hifi playback. For me awesomeness is the simplicity of the player, possibility to see written lyrics and the curated playlists. Please make discovering musics and genres possible a versatile way... as there's so much great artists and musics, pity only few gets to the charts. Have to say that flow suggestions are way too narrow and repetitive for my taste - at first it played much versatile, but lately only jazz. Even jazz is great, i do like also other genres of art as well.... Maybe you could craft a algorithm for discovering music as well?

Playback seeking bar could be changed to only song position indicator bar on songs shorter than 6 min 🙂 How many times you actually *need* to seek position on 2-3 minute song? That would nicely change experience to listen whole song or then just to skip song (possible many will go rage on the change though) How many times you skipped when playing vinyl records or tape, well you didn't. Listening experience is from start to finish, or then skip to next song. Dark theme for night would be nice, hopefully the light theme could be preserved as well for day usage. Stream quality indicator would be nice for desktop and web app... I think html5 can't do hifi.. And if desktop drops from hifi to 320kpbs would be nice to see indicator.... Song Composer and Lyricist info would be nice addition for the playback bar, as they deserve to be recognized too.

Best regards,
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@pete2: For recommendations also check the "Hear This" tab, it contains personalised album recommendations. And genres are called Mixes here, so you may find other music that you are interested in there.

The web player does not have a HiFi setting, that is correct, and I agree that an indicator of current audio quality in the beta desktop app would be nice.
@bluezzbastardzz Cool, I definitely check them out!
The biggest issue for me compared to the previous version is the missing cover art when listening from favorite tracks and from listening history tabs. Please bring back album covers.

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Please share high resolution album and artist images.

Here is the artist image for La Grande Sophie at 264x264

and at 1200x1200

Perhaps a simple link to the image, no wrapper, opened in a new window.

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Dear Deezer team, so it seems to me you just ignore your users' opinion?