Need help navigating through Deezer?

  • 6 March 2021
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Hi, do any of you wan’t a guide through Deezer? Well if you do follow these instructions:

As soon as you get in you will probably see this (don’t worry if you see things like my picture or name in any of these pictures)
And you will see your picture and notification picture
You will see this if you click (it is in the first picture) the Favorites part on the list on the left
Once your there you will see this (the list will continue to the next picture)
And this if you scroll down (and some other things I will not list)
and you will see the search bar at the top
If you click more you will see (look at next picture)
Let’s take a look at My MP3s, click it and (look at next picture)
You will see this, now if you have MP3s that are on your computer then you can select (look at next picture
Click this and upload your MP3s here and they will go straight to My MP3s (you have to go away from this section for a little bit but then you will have it!) (I have 12 MP3s so just ignore that)

The rest is quite simple like finding artists and just using Deezer, so ask any questions, if you wan’t. (I am not one of the people who works at Deezer I just want to help those who need it!):grinning:

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