How our community is dealing with recent spam

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Hi everyone,

You may have noticed an unusual number of spam topics/replies populating our community at the moment. We've been dealing with this situation for quite some time now, using the tools and systems available to us - but in the background, so that you barely notice it. Therefore the number of topics actually made public was very minimal.

But now things are getting a bit more complex and our tactics aren't enough to prevent spam topics/replies of being created. So we're looking at other ways of stopping spam.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience in advance, and apologise for the inconvenience. We'll keep everyone updated here.

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What is happening to this forum?? so much non related stuff
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Spam in this community forum is getting annoying again. This weekend all forums where completely spammed with streaming links again.

On the other side, as a paying customer i need to execute multiple captchas when i try to login with my account - why do request me to do this? i guess those spam accounts are never paying for deezer, can you please disable captchas for your paying customers?
Is this why official Deezer websites are requiring people to verify they are humans before they finish the logging in process?
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Hi @Shinedowness that was a general security measure which is live on most websites today.
What is happening to this forum??
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Md Asaduzzaman Asad wrote:

What is happening to this forum??

I'm so sorry about that! It's taking longer than we expected, but our developers and the company who built our community are still working on this issue. We hope to update this tópico with good news soon! In the meantime we will keep deleting every post/topic and banning the spammers.
OMG, why are there so many spammers in this forum 😭
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Hi there @erintproctory

We're very sorry for this. We're working on it.