How do I follow someone on Deezer? How do I find other users and followers?

  • 10 November 2017
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Добрый день! Как мне добавить друга в DEZEER? Я не могу подписаться на своего друга чтобы проверять его плей-лист. Помогите пожалуйста!
Good afternoon! How do I add a friend to DEZEER? I can not subscribe to my friend to check his playlist. Help me please!

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I was thinking that that you guys should add a feature where can follow music artist, celebrities & Grammys awards etc and get exclusive concert ticket discounts and interviews. Where you can also meet them up and close in person. And also know when a new album is coming out just like Spotify does! Also the ability to follow friends and family in Deezer.
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This may sound a little stupid, but I've been trying to find a particular friend who originally brought my attention to Deezer ten years ago. We were workmates at the time, and it would be so cool to stay in touch this way rather than via Facebook since we're both music lovers with huge record collections.

Can someone shed any light on this matter? Cheerz!

Hi @Rudi,

Thank you for responding.
I use Google Chromecast, but also I’m not able to find my profile in the Deezer app on the iOS. 

Below I’m posting a link to my profile. Thank you for your help.

How do I follow another deezer user
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Thanks for coming back @Rehegoo Music Group 

I couldn't find it either. I'll refer this to our teams to know if it's normal behaviour because of what I mentioned above. I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, have a nice weekend!


I can’t find my profile acount through the search section. It shows no results.

The account isn’t set as a private and also isn’t a common one (Rehegoo Music Group is a name of my company).

The playlists I created are also impossible to find, even though they are set to public.

Another users can see my profile only when I send them a link with my profile.

I would be grateful for help :)


That doesn't work ana all that comes up is tracks and artists.
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Really? It should be the last option, under Profiles.
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All you have to do is search for the specific user within Deezer app/Web UI and choose the Follow button . See the attached screenshots

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Hi @Lizelle.Roos.

you should be able to search for other people just using the search box (the same one you do for tracks / artists etc.) and then in results you get options such as tracks, playlists and "Profiles" - any you click on you can choose to follow :)

Let us know how you get on 🙂
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Hey @Rehegoo Music Group 

Thanks for reaching out.

In what platform aren't you able to find it? I believe this has to do with the fact we may be removing the followers/following feature soon. But you should be able to find the playlists through a search. Could you please post the link for your profile here so that we can look into it deeper?

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Hi there, I am very sorry for my late reply.

Sounds like a really nice idea! So this should be more like a social network?

At the moment you can definitely follow artists and get new releases in the dedicated section of them and definitely your friends and family, you just need to search them with their username 😉






Hi! i have a couple of friends who are deezer premium users and we can´t share playlists or songs because we dislike facebook... i would be nicer if we could just... you know... take fb out of deezer. thanks!
Great app and service by the way
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Hi @Boomer_ first of all please make sure that your friend's profile is not set to private. If it's a public profile, you should be able to find him/her by typing in his/her exact Deezer username in the search bar and then filter for "profiles". You should find this button by scrolling to the right of the artist filter. Please let me know if you need any further help :slight_smile:

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Hi there @Lizelle.Roos.

Sorry to hear that. What device and OS do you have? And what's our app version?
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Hi @magistr.tolik, can you find your friend on Deezer? If so and you can't see his playlists, his profile is probably set to private. Does that help?
I wanted to follow my Dad, who also has deezer. But I cannot find him with the search function, and I don't find any helpful advices in the internet. Maybe it is helpful that we are from Germany and we only use our smartphones.
I hope you can help me 🙂
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Hi @Shinisaki, first of all please make sure that your dad's profile is not set to private. If it's a public profile, you should be able to find him by just typing in his Deezer username in the search bar and tab on "profiles". Does that work?
How do I go about searching for another user so i can follow them and vice versa?
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Hi @Tiki Jane, please see Anja's answer above 🙂
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Hi @fatcat, if it's someone you know you can just search for the username via the search function and visit their profile to follow them.

You can also visit any other non private profile and follow them 🙂
how to follow
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Hi there! To follow a friend/someone, you need to know the users Deezer username and look it up on the search. As soon as you found your friend, you can follow. Also, connect your account to facebook to get some suggestions too 🙂
How do I add / follow someone? or how do they follow me ?