Get one more taste of last season!

  • 2 September 2020
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This season isn't even over yet, but I bet you're already missing the hot (or cold) weather!

To give you one more taste of last season, Deezer launched a new smart playlist with the 50 tracks most listened by you during July and August.


This smart playlist is available to users who listened to at least 20 tracks in the past 2 months and it can be found in the music tab of the app ;)

Based on your top summer/winter smart playlist, what's your favourite track that you have been listening to?





3 replies

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Mine is: -

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Mine is: -

Nice one!!!


This is mine! I'm still crazy about it!


What's your pleasure? by Jessie Ware:

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This playlist appeared yesterday. I was pleased. I walked for 11 000 steps listening it in nature.

First track on it:



View when listening:

A serious thank you for the mood yesterday with my top summer list.

I walked for 9 kilometers in one go streaming Deezer Premium online and top summer list.

I probably passed through 2 or 3 person on my walk, I simply do not understand. It was perfect condition to walk and walk with one go listening top summer list Deezer created.

Rich people make money, great people make a difference :pray:

And my Deezer Premium is paid until 09-09-2021 in advanced ;d

The only thing I miss from Deezer is podcasts and Sadhguru podcasts for meditation.