Creating and Adding to your Playlists

  • 24 October 2017
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To make the most of your Deezer account, create your own, personal playlist. This is your chance to be original, be inventive, and be yourself. Plus, it’s really easy to get started!

Creating a Playlist

Playlists are collections of tracks that you can create for different occasions or to suit your mood. You can create a playlist from both and the app.
  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap Playlists
  3. Tap Create a playlist (, Create a new playlist (Android) or New playlist (iOS)
  4. Give your playlist a name
  5. Tap OK

Windows 10 app

To create a playlist on the Windows 10 app, you’ll need to go through the Add to playlist button.
  1. Find the track you want to start your playlist with
  2. Play the track
  3. Go to the player
  4. Tap on the three dots
  5. Select Add to playlist
  6. Tap the Create a playlist

Adding songs to a playlist

Now you’ve got started, let’s getting you on a roll. Follow the simple steps below to make your ultimate playlist. By the way, you can start a playlist from a song you’re listening to this way too:
  1. Find a track you like
  2. Tap the three dots
  3. Tap Add to playlist
  4. Choose your playlist or select New playlist

Windows 10 app

  1. Select a track you want to add
  2. Play the track
  3. Go to the player
  4. Click on the three dots
  5. Select Add to Playlist
  6. Select the playlist

17 replies

How to i add more than one song for my playlist?
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Hey @Lucas888 check out this post, it explains everything 😉
Yesterday I ve started and payed but how can I start right now?
What is my code?
I downloaded the app.

What must I do now?

Sorry, I m already 57 years old and need support. Thank you
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Hi @Ingrid Hajek-Schinkenberger please read above. There is no code needed generally. If you have set everything up you can just enjoy the music normally.

However, please read above, everything is explained here 😉
If I have a free account, can I load tunes to my play list? If so, how do I pay for the tunes, and, having been an amazon customer who has been told the mp3 music has now finished, how do I import my 289 tracks from amazon music to Deezer...... I don't ask for for Deezer new customers are not brilliant.
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Hi @spikekie, you are not asking for much :)

  • Please, see above how to create and add songs on your playlist
  • Please, see here how to add a mp3
  • Please, see this topic to know a bit more on how to transfer songs from another streaming service
Let me know if you need a more info!! 🙂
Hi, thanks for the links but they didnt help much. One said click on my music, then click on more. 'More' does not exist on my phone app in my music or on the laptop version. Another person says, yes you can upload, see below.....there is nothing....Why doesnt Deezer have a set of instructions instead of relying on its customers to give fragmented and frustrating advice. This is crazy. One small question , ive been trying to solve it for 2 weeks. I wonder if there are better music apps about!
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HI @spikekie

if you are on the web signed into Deezer web player - as instructed above click on "My Music" left hand side and then last tab a long is "More" with a pulldown menu. When you click it then you'll see "My Mp3's" ??? I've just checked it and it's there??

I'm not sure about transferring from Amazon you might need to just upload the songs again as per above. Once uploaded personally I'd add them to a new playlist as then easy to find them under Playlists section (under my music).

I hope this helps? Let us all know 🙂
Thanks Rob Igo. Atlast, something that makes sense on Deezer....or someone, lol. Cheers buddy.
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no problem @spikekie I've used the other streaming services in the past and although Deezer isn't quite perfect (yet.... but at least they listen to feedback unlike some others) it's easily the best - enjoy and if you have any questions don't hesitate to come back on here and ask all of us (somebody normally has an answer!) :)

Ive tried every way to import from Amazon, either via onedrive or groove or Google Drive. Ive even tried standing one leg with my tongue out and tried praying to the Deezer in the sky!. No luck. Any ideas? However with the advice given I have learned how to add songs to a playlist, so atleast im on my way.....sort of. Thanks
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I think you'll have to download your mp3s to your computers hard drive, and the upload them to Deezer from the "My mp3's" section on deezer (then put them in a playlist as mentioned)!
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Why do Deezer want me to create a Playlist, EVERYTIME I go into Playlists?

I have already created the playlists that I need, but Deezer puts "+ADD new playlist", right on top.
How many playlists do I need to create, before Deezer dont ask me to create more?