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  • 24 October 2017
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The community is bringing the Deezer family closer. These guidelines are a way to make sure that everyone is heard and everyone can be involved. We want to hear from all of you!

Use of the Community

  • Before you create a post, have a search to see if the subject has already come up
  • Avoid double posting
  • Always behave in friendly and respect manner, in line with our Code of Conduct
  • Don’t post anywhere, try and post in the relevant forum. This makes information a lot easier to find for everyone.
  • Be mindful about the information you post, remember that what you post will be available to to all of the community
  • For the sake of individual security, please do not post personal information such as; name, address, social security number, email address, credit card details or personal information of other individuals
  • Do not use any Deezer logo or trade name as your avatar or user name or otherwise attempt to impersonate a Deezer employee or moderator when posting on the community

Reporting inappropriate content

Please help us to keep the Deezer community a friendly environment by reporting any inappropriate activity or posts in the community. Reporting inappropriate content can be reported by using the Flag option at the bottom of each topic.


Deezer may at any point remove or edit user posts which violate the community Code of Conduct.
Please remember that any behaviour or activity found to be conflict with the terms of use or code of conduct, may result in the immediate temporary or permanent suspension of your support account.

Community Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions for the Deezer Community are available here.

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