Check out, the personalised online radio based on your Deezer, Facebook and profiles

  • 27 January 2019
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Always wished that Deezer would offer a personalised radio station like's Mix Radio which is based on your known musical taste, but also plays new songs in between that you do not know yet? Then check out MentorFM, an online radio which does just that. It imports your listening histories from, Facebook and Deezer when you login the first time, so you have to be a user on these sites as well to benefit the most from it.

MentorFM has been updated in Oct 2017 with radio stations based on your current mood, so if you do not like the station automatically created after login, you could simply choose another from the mood tab. Furthermore you can easily steer the content of the radio station with Like and Dislike buttons which are very responsive, e.g. at first they played me a lot of German Schlager probably based on my location and/or language, and after disliking two songs they radically changed to a Progressive Rock station. 😎

Also new is Surprise Me! if you feel adventurous, because that station will not play much of what you already know. But it needs at least 2-3 days of normal usage or about 12 hours of continuous listening to be able to suggest music from the Dark Side to you.

Last but not least MentorFM even scrobbles to if you have enabled the internal Deezer scrobbling option in Deezer's web player. The offered audio quality on their site is connected to each user's account status, as they use the Deezer API to stream from the Deezer catalogue, so 320kbps MP3 is the maximum quality also for HiFi users.

See also their Help page in the radio with a video explaining more details, also FAQs, reviews etc. There is an archived Reddit thread with the developer giving some background info as well.

MentorFM is also available as an Android and iOS app in the meantime, but affords a Deezer Premium account then to play whole songs instead of 30 seconds samples.

2 replies

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Used it for a while and stopped . I find it not convenient to use both Deezer and Mentor . I wish both were integrated .
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By the way, if you use, you should close any open Deezer apps on your desktop, also the web player in your browser, otherwise it may not be possible to login there properly and create a new playlist from your combined Facebook/Deezer/ listening history that will actually play on