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  • 12 January 2021
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Communication has always been the concept with transmitting a message whether it is by transfer of information or by word of mouth.  


I would like to begin a team as I had the hopes of entering into a contract with Elektra Records or one of the artists in the label, it has been detrimental in progressing as an artist with waiting, so it really belongs to the people involved which kids become fans as it is unofficial the label is either My Ami, Black Cement Records, or Polyphon Records, this is the key with building images and better sound.  The word is the most important fundamental application that a person has, that is why immature brains can not be allowed in some forms as in previous experience, people watch and take without even asking, this is the ending statement, which is the beginning for some who wish to take part in little.

1 reply

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You need to work on the topic title @Wiggleslost give us some more details about what you need, we can help! :relaxed: