[ANNOUNCEMENT] Celebrating 100K members in the Community!

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Hello everyone!

Today I’m very pleased to announce you we have passed 100K fantastic members on our Community 🎆!

Well, ok, it’s not exactly news, we have actually passed that number a few weeks ago, about mid-November to be completely transparent 😇, but we wanted to do something nicer than just a bland community post full of thanks (though it’s coming, don’t worry, you’ll get the thanks you deserve my fellow music lovers).

So we thought “why not organise a big breakfast in the office and raise awareness about the Community internally? You know, one stone, two birds?” and of course I said “what a fantastic idea!”

Because I’m not an event planner, it took me ages to figure out how to actually make that happen 😂.

But we finally made it, we celebrated this morning and made everyone in the UK offices aware of how bloody amazing you all are, and how we hope to include you guys more into what is going on behind the scenes here at Deezer!

So from us to you, THANK YOU GUYS for your support, your patience, and most of all, your love of music!

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"Cake........." 🙂 Looks amazing and well done to all the Moderators for keeping all us rowdy lot in line 🙂

Thanks for all your efforts over the last year, congratulations on a great forum and here's to the next 100k members! 🙂
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Looks tasty ! Well no cake for me . Diet and stuff 😞
Good job teams ! Celebration day 🎉