[Alexa/Google Assistant] Your whole Deezer Family is now on Alexa and Google Assistant!

  • 29 July 2019
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For those who like to share their passion for music with their families, there's a new and smoother way to experience this on voice: Alexa and Google Assistant devices can now offer Deezer Family subscribers the chance to connect to a specific profile, rather than the Main Profile.

Ok...what does that mean?
It means that all users from the same Deezer Family can now stream simultaneously on their voice devices. Cool, right?

So, how do I make it work?
Simple. If you're an existing Deezer Family subscriber, you just need to unlink your existing Deezer profile and relink the account again, selecting the profile of your choice.
If you're a new user, just log in for the first time and you'll be offered this option.

I like it. Thanks Deezer!
We’re glad you do. This is part of our goal to make our platform experience even better. We've listened to your feedback here and dedicated resources to this improvement. Tell us more: what will be your first song choice now that your Family profiles can be picked?

2 replies

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My family member (once his profile was selected) asked Google to play some "Ac/Dc" 🙂 it did.. he's very pleased 🙂 (and actually went out and bought another google home speaker so he could link the two / have one in another room) 🙂
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Amazing! @Rob Igo
That was the whole point of introducing the feature. Hopefully we can expand it to more devices as well 🙂