[TIP] Contacting Deezer Support

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Hi @Esteban arango please contact our support about this. We do not delete any accounts in general, I am sure it is just about finding the email address you have registered the account with. Please contact support as described above they will help you sort this out 😉
wow.. my friend unsubscribed yesterday because he got charged twice a month, and from all the replies I’ve read I’m reconsidering my options. I have subscribed yesterday but it showed that I’m using free deezer, unsubscribed then subscribed again but still the same, and it is showing that I have successfully purchased the plan but in the app it’s just the free account, unsubscribed again and don’t think it’s the right app to begin with. I didn’t even get the 1 month premium trial which is shown in the itunes, and whenever I try to subscribe again it says that I’m already subscribed until next month but still free deezer !! Bad service