Why is the deezer android app sending data to smartadserver if i'm on deezer HIFI?

  • 21 July 2020
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I have monitored my network traffic recently using wireshark, and i found out that deezer on android is sending data through smartadserver's sdk.
I recently switched from deezer free to hifi, because of ads and the better sound quality, but
i would have never thought that the data collection is on by default on the most expensive plan on deezer.
I have opted out of all data analysis tools that I know of, but still it is present on the android app to this day. I'm sure that you could implement a system where if the plans are switched to premium/hifi or family, the data collection through smardadserver's sdk wouldn't be possible.

3 replies

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Hi @ZSkiraly,

I have passed the feedback on to the right team to have a look.

Regarding the ads, are you seeing them on the app at all? They are meant to be showing up only on Free accounts. Let me know :)

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I’m not seeing any ads, but the fact that my data is sent to a server other then deezer is kinda breaks the point of opting out of analytics. I monitor my traffic through softwares and i see activity sending data to facebook, google and smartadserver the minute i open the deezer app on android. Thank you for passing the feedback to the team that is responsible.

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Thanks @ZSkiraly for clarifying it :)

I’ve already passed the feedback on to our devs.