Why Is It Not Possible To Upload Fan Made Stuff?

  • 21 June 2020
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Ì wish in Deezer we users could upload tracks if we are paying Subscribers.
But I Mean Only Tracks that the copyright detects..

And then like Youtube the earnings can go to the artist or band.
I just wish everyone could listen to my mixes. But whenever I upload
it to Soundcloud It gets taken down because of copyright.

Why not allow us to upload and they keep the money?
I do not care because I made this to support the singer.

And if deezer doesnt detect what songs the mix contains then it 
shouldnt allow us to upload the track. 

once it detects what songs the mix contains the royalties can get split.

Wouldnt it be great?


1 reply

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Thanks for the suggestion @Sergi.Sanz all the content from our platform is ingested directly from distributors - so it needs to come in that way - but it's a good idea so we'll add it to our backlog for future reference when looking into the social aspect of our service :wink: