why are 2 of my daily playlists the exact same?

  • 13 October 2021
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I have 2 playlists that updated today to be exactly the same (unfortunately not my favourite ever combinations either) is this a common occurrence? I’m just considering returning to Deezer from Spotify because I consider it a better product, but not if there are bugs like this. 


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8 replies

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Hey @KTjazz 

That's not supposed to happen like that. Depending on the number of saved artists, up to 5 daily lists appear. If you could like a few more artists, the daily lists should normalize again.

Perhaps your account cache needs to be cleared centrally. @Alfredo. might be able to help with that.

I have a lot of artists liked. I’m coming back after a time away and I wondered it that was what caused the issue? But I also know that it shouldn’t happen like that. 

thanks anyway 

Update: today one of the playlists has changed. The second one is exactly the same as the duplicate yesterday. 

Is this happening to anyone else? A known problem?


Is there a customer services contact I can get in touch with to investigate this?



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Hi @KTjazz 


You can contact Deezer support on this link Deezer support . I’ve had Daily Mixes not update before, but it corrected itself pretty quickly. Support are usually really helpful so give them a try and see what they can do for you. 


Hope you get it sorted and let us know please. 

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@KTjazz does this happens in your phone app only or in desktop app and browser too?

It’s the same every where. One of the playlists is the same as the duplicate one from yesterday. (The other is filled with music by artists I don’t recognise, but that’s ok)

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It might be something related to Cache as everything seems to be fine with your account on our side.
Have you tried to reinstall the app and see if the problem persists?

The app was newly installed in a few places.


Todays activity gave me one playlist from 2 days ago (the previous duplicate), one from yesterday and 2 new ones. I am guessing now that its because I’ve reactivated an old account and its working out the kinks. Hopefully it’ll be ok in a week or so.