Why add to queue adds the song to the very end of the playlist?

  • 18 February 2021
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I’ve got a question: How is the queue feature supposed to work? 
I understand that hitting the play next button, the selected song obviously plays next. But add to queue puts the song at the very end of my playlist/ album or whatever is currently playing. Now in what circumstance would I ever use that? My playlists are >4h and that song would realistically never come up. Why doesn’t it just add a queue after the current song? Speaking as a programmer it is really not that much of an effort. Or did I just use that feature wrong for 3 years straight? 
Just need some clarification here.

1 reply

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Hey @Patrick_314 

Thanks for reaching out and for detailing your experience - trust me, this is very valuable at the moment.

We set up the feature that way thanks to tests that were carried out to the app. But we're often reviewing this data, because like you said, it makes sense to have it added straight after, not at the end.

So I'll be forwarding your comments to the developers looking into this so that they can have some real feedback on how this affects our Deezer experience.

In the meantime, have a great week!