What is the maximum number of favorites?

  • 24 June 2019
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Is the maximum number of favorites in a list still 2000?

Any other limits? Say overall?

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8 replies

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The article says: Deezer won’t stop you if you try to add more content, even if you are at the limit. You just won’t be able to see or access it.

It’s not true. I trie to add to favourites a song in the App for Windows 10 and a notification shows me: Maximum number of songs reached (Máximo número de canciones alcanzado in Spanish). And the song is not favourited.

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Hi there @sergiotw17 

Thank you for your feedback. I'll let the teams know about the interpretation of the article - much appreciated :thumbsup_tone2:

About the favourites, can you try adding some of your favourites to a playlist (we have an extended limit for that), then 'unfavouriting' them and adding more. This is a temp solution, it doesn't fix how you may 'collect' music - for that, please vote for the idea here, in case you haven't done so :pray_tone2:

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Yes, I’ve voted sometime ago. To be honest, I don’t like the temp solution. I expect that dev team is going to fix this issue in a short time.

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Thanks a lot for confirming your vote @sergiotw17 while it won't be possible to increase this in a short time, we aim to get our devs working on this as soon as possible. We'll be finishing some important features very soon so it'll be easier to continue the discussion on the limits - your feedback is very precious :v_tone2:

Hey Deezer, I can’t continuing adding some favourites songs in my account because it shows me a message that I reached the maximum 2000 songs. I thought it was unlimited, what can I do now? I don’t want to lose my history playlist and want to keep on adding new music.

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I am die hard dance music fan and I feel caged with this 2000 limit for likes.

Especially as they say, it will be not possible to like more than that, in GPM at least the limit was around 1000 songs, but you could like more than that. I liked on Google Music over 5000 songs.

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FYI, limit is still 2000.
But we are working on lifting this up.