Volunteers for an experiment on Lyrics/Audio Alignment quality

  • 29 April 2021
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Hi everyone,


As you know, we display lyrics (and sometimes synchronized lyrics) in the Deezer app. Now, sometimes the synchronization is great but sometimes less so :/

I am part of the Research team at Deezer, and we are running an experiment to understand better how humans judge the "quality" of the lyrics/audio synchronization.

To this aim, we seek music enthusiasts volunteers who, with just 5min of their time, can help us advance Karaoke science!!

The experiment is called Dalida and is accessible here. We worked hard to make it as enjoyable as possible!


Thanks in advance for your help on this, and happy singing ;)




PS. if you’d like to know more about the kind of scientific research we do at Deezer, visit our dedicated page!



5 replies

Some of those worked really well! Does this mean that karaoke support might be coming? 👀

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Good point @GS_Dan :sweat_smile:

We don't know about that yet, but we'll let you know - thanks a lot for the feedback!

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Good to see an experiment about lyrics in general, because they tend to be bad. May we see a machine learning algorithm that uses voice generated lyrics in the future, or this experiment is already feeding the algorithm with data?

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I’ve “sung” along and it was pretty good generally, no really bad synchronisation.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys @DrEvil @ZSkiraly super appreciated!